It’s been a minute. Catching up, Botox & other stuff.

I miss you guys! I’m still around, running around like a crazy lady, because wasn’t it summer just like five minutes ago? School starts back next Thursday.

My little will be in the 5th grade.

Time is flying.

I feel like I’ve been in a writing fog for months. A writing block is probably a more accurate description. I don’t know what happened! One minute I’m making notes about things I want to write about and then….




Just as fast as it came, it was gone.

Maybe I folded under my own pressure.

Wait, doesn’t that make me a diamond?

I digress.

Can we talk about my smooth forehead for a minute?


My Botox experience was okay. I was a little dismayed when I learned that my WTF line aka staceface, is static and really won’t go anywhere, however the ability to make the face/frown/crinkly forehead that causes the static line, goes away.

I like the result.

I think I look more approachable. Less frowny.

Did it hurt?

Hell yes.

Would I do it again?

Hell yes!

In a skinny minute.

I will be the first to admit, I was a hot mess about an hour or so after I had it done. It hurt. My forehead was swollen. I mean basketball rounnnnd- and I had a headache from hell.

The just go to sleep kind.

Which you’re not supposed to do for 4 hours after you get the injections.

Or you can, but it’s ill advised.

Yes, my sweet readers; I will definitely do it again.

I miss you guys.

I miss makeup.

Really, I miss playing with makeup.

There’s a lot of stuff I miss.

But that’s another post.

I hope you guys are well, and life has been kind.

hug somebody. ❤️










Stuff I’m Loving, 300th Post- Shitty Sunday, but-I’m-posting-on-Monday-Eyes, Lips and Perfume Edition. ❤️

“Go home and work on your blog or something and forget about this shit.”

That’s what he said.

It was that kind of day.

Anyway, this is my 300th post on Word Press, and I have lots of stuff to share with you.

I’m not all about that organizational life, but I thought I might organize this post a little differently and see how it goes. What do you think? Is that cool with you guys?

Insert nodding heads here.

The plan: To break down the Stuff I’m Loving by categories, instead of just a bunch of random thoughts.

Insert nodding heads here.

Let’s do this.

Lip Stuff:

I went a little ham during Ulta’s Black Friday sale annnnd I may or may not have purchased a shit ton of lips stuff that I am absolutely loving. In that little pile of glossy shiney nude colored bliss is a combo that I have been wearing non stop. 

It’s the Ulta Matte Crayon in Engagement topped with Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie in Super Star. Holy Crap! Look at that shine!

Both of these products are pretty awesome stag, but together they are bad ass.  Engagement is smooth and surprisingly shiny for a matte crayon. I don’t find the formula drying at all and it wears well. Super Star has the typical Moxie kinda sorta maybe minty but in a vanilla- ish way scent. The formula is hydrating and not sticky at all. It has a good bit of shimmery gold and rose gold metallic-ness that makes my lips look smooth and plump.

Speaking of Bare Minerals, I’ve also been loving everything (or everything that I’ve tried so far) in the Your Kiss is on My Lips mini kit thingie.  

Get this, all 8 shades are NUDEY! Woohooo! Gotta love nudey lips. The formula is slick, but comfortable and sort of sheer. These are the 4 that I’ve tried so far. 

Other Bare Minerals loves are the Marvelous Moxie Iridescent Top Coat Glosses. I have Enchantress and Illusionist.  

Illusionist and Enchantress 

I read some shade in the reviews of these products. I really like them, the formula is nice, the only thing I don’t like is the packaging. It leaks.  I’m foreseeing many ruined purses and makeup bags. Mine will live upright, somewhere stationary. Thankyouverymuch.

Eye Stuff:


One of the many things I look forward to around Christmas time in my little makeup world are train case sets, from Ulta particularly.  I purchased this one which is called the Brilliantly Beautiful Color Essentials Collection. 

Ulta Nude Matte Eye Shadow Primer is totally bad assed.

 It’s an I will probably never use another kind of eye primer kind of good. The consistency is a little thicker than I’m used to, it’s opaque and doesn’t crease. Loving that. I’m also loving the eye shadow palette that came in the collection. 

I believe it’s Limited Edition, but I can’t find a name for it. I have used the nude ish/ neutral shades in the palette and they rock.

 They are a leeeeetle bit powdery, definitely buildable and blendable.

 Equinox and  Starburst remind me of  Walk of Shame and Naked2 from the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette.  

I’m wearing these shadows today, along with the next product from Ulta I’ve been loving. Well, not all of it.

I’ll explain.

I was a little disappointed to see that the mirror had came unglued. Eeeeh. That’s okay, lots of my palettes don’t have mirrors in them and I get along okay, no biggie right? Right, so I thought let me get my fingers in this palette and see how it looks.


Insert disappointing sigh here. 

I love the gel bounce shadows, they are all richly pigmented and wear exceptionally well. 

For my eye look today and yesterday-  I’ve been using Starburst from the train case above along with Equinox for a brow bone highlight and then I pat Glory all over my lid. I really love the way these shadows work together. The rest of the palette is meh at best, with the exception of Secret- It’s pretty awesome. The others swatch okay, however, the pigment doesn’t really translate to the eye.

Perfume: I’ve really been loving Burberry Brit Sheer. It’s sweet, yet sort of woody, light and the fragrance lingers for hours. It has top notes of sweet lychee, yuzu, pineapple leaves and mandarin.


 Really been loving that.  

What have you guys been loving? 

Sunshine shenanigans. 🌞

Happy Monday. ❤️ 

Hug somebody. 








In other news….

Happy Hump Day!

Wait- it is Wednesday, right? I don’t know why this week feels like the longest week in the history of weeks. I think Little and I are over our 4th grade cootie crud, it’s been a doozy. I feel sore from coughing and Little refuses to blow his nose. Refuses. He says he’d rather sniff, which you can imagine, drives his noise intolerant Momma absolutely bat shit crazy. Anyway, there is improvement and for that I’m grateful.

In a few posts back, I was contemplating a public Sunshine’s Beauty Facebook page, and you guys thought it would be a good idea to try, so I finally broke down and did it. I deleted the Sunshine Catoe account and decided on Sunshine’s Beauty. We’ll see how it goes, I’m still in the do I really want to do this mode of setup, but I’m sure I’ll be up and running in no time. Check me out, say hi. I love that kind of stuff.

My face is having a pore party. And I’m about to join in the fun. I think I have been comparing my almost 40 year old skin to the filtered perfection of social media long enough. Did you know that some of the prettiest glamest women on YouTube totally have textured skin? I mean really. I’m so joining the pore party. No more feeling bad about the texture on my face. You shouldn’t feel bad if you have texture on yours either.

I’m kinda pissed that I spent the better part of this week setting up a Weebly Sunshine website, only to find out that I really don’t enjoy it very much. Yea, after I paid for a subscription to the pro thing.  I emailed their customer service to see if I could be refunded because I wasn’t getting any support and that I basically hated it, and I haven’t heard anything back yet. So. That’s a bummer. I love Word Press, and I love my WP family, but I would also love to monetize my blog. I stopped doing the I’ll send you a product and you tell the good people of the world all about it, because those same people get pissed when you don’t tell things the way they want you to tell them. And I’m not all about that life, nor am I all about that drama. I am the author of this blog, and I don’t like being told what to say to appease a company about their shit product.

So there’s that.

I chased my chicken salad for breakfast with sea salt covered chocolate caramel goos.

There’s that too.


In other news…

I am really loving Buxom’s Big and Sexy Lipstick in Sinful Cinnamon. I don’t know where it came from , I mean, it came from my nudey lipstick drawer. I don’t know how I ended up with it, maybe it was a Sephora perk? It’s pretty amazing. The shade is bomb, and the creamy formula feels really nice on my forever dry lips.

Maybe I’ll join the wrinkly lips party next. Who knows.

I just tried out Hard Candy’s 12 Hour Hydrating Primer Mist. It’s pretty awesome as a setting spray. Today is the first time I’ve tried it, I’ll definitely keep you posted.

My soup totally blew up in the microwave this afternoon. Totally. What was left was really good. You guys, my Momma came up with this broccoli and rice soup recipe that will question your opinion of broccoli and cream of potato soup. It’s just rice, cooked broccoli, cream of potato soup and Velveeta. Oh. So. Good.

What’s been going on with you guys? Do you have monetizing suggestions? What’s your favorite Fall lipstick? What kinda party are you joining?












Je ne sais quoi and other Stuff I’m Loving

Wheeew doggie. Long time no see! Where have you guys been? It’s been almost a month since I posted last. No excuses, I just haven’t been into it.  But.

I’m baaack, and I have lots to share with you guys soooooo grab a snack. Or a beer. Or whatever floats your boat, and let’s do this!

My very first Word Press post was on an It Cosmetics product. Now almost 300 posts later, I’m loving another one.

This my friends is an awesome little palette that I have used every day since I purchased it. And that’s why it’s so dirty.

The mirror is awesome and perfect for putting my makeup on in the school parking lot, which happens a lot. Usually, a mascara wand becomes a microphone and Little giggles until he can’t stand it any more and joins me in shenanigans.

It happens.

Anyway, the palette looks like this.

Bye Bye Pores Blush in je Ne Sais Quoi

Bye Bye Pores Translucent Powder ( I really enjoy this powder, BUT- you gotta be careful, too much can creep up on you in just a second. )

Sunshine in a Compact, Warmth

and Perfect Lighting Luminizer in je Ne Sais Quoi

It’s pretty stinking awesome.

I’ve also been loving Commodity Perfume in Moss. I’m definitely going to ask Santa for this one in biggie size.  It’s definitely a me scent.  Earthy and even masculine.


This past summer I fell in love with pencil skirts. I think they flatter my almost 6 feet tall frame, especially when you add in some tall booties and lacy hosiery- Hmm. Talk about flattery.  These are two of my favorites.


OmGeeee. If this one from Ann Taylor came in black, I’d buy two. I love to pair it with an unstructured and flowy top- like a silk pop over blouse.  And speaking of pencil skirt bad assery… How about this no leather leather skirt form NY&Co. Holy Shiitakemushrooms. Bad assery at its best.



I like this one with everything.  A printed teeshirt, white lace, black lace, an oversized sweater.  It all works. It’s a little high waisted, which makes it super cute with a half tucked shirt of blouse. I have some leggings made form the same brand and the same material that are rocking my baby socks off too.

I’ve been loving this stainless ring from Overstock. 

It was a gift from my sweet Momma. Isn’t it beautiful? Actually, they are both gifts from my sweet Momma. The Native American one was from Ruby Lane, years ago.

Fall. You guys. I’m so in love with fall. Crunchy leaves and kimonos. Coffee. Soups. It’s a beautiful time of year and I’m new to loving it. 

Oh and last but not least, Lorac Highly Pigmented Lipstick in Duchess. Bad assery, am I right?

Anyway, what have you guys been loving lately?


Sunshine ❤️











Graveyard Shopping and the Mondayest Tuesday Ever. 

Good morning!

Happy Wednesday, or as I like to call it…Thursday Eve! Hey, it just makes the weekend sound a little closer. What ever works, right? It’s been a long week. 

I swear, Monday was awesome. My hair played nice, I wore my new overly priced Ann Taylor nude pencil skirt that fits just right, along with a pair of bad assed black strappy sandals that didn’t hurt my feet at all. My makeup looked good all day, which I am attributing to spraying a little NYX matte setting spray on my face before I applied my foundation. If you are an oily girl, you should totally try this wizardry. My Monday flew by. It was bliss.

Tuesday, was a different story. It was the Mondayest Tuesday, ever. I wave crimped 3 day dirty hair, super early in the morning. Satanically early. Ugh. My black pencil skirt that looked black at home, was in fact navy blue. And I was wearing black everything else. My uber modern jewelry didn’t match my uber gramma ish print blouse, which by the way, I love.

I felt like I was moving slo mo on the hot mess express. If that paints a clearer picture.

Anyway, after we ate, and Little and I trudged thru his mountain of little boy homework, I set off to do some cleaning. Because nervous energy, you know? I went thru the makeup graveyard, moved some stuff into my shelf of rotation, pulled some other stuff out of my rotation, put all of my essential oils in one place, put all of my perfume into another place, rescued my plant, moved my bamboo, and some other stuff and finally called it a night. 

Well. Little and I bubble masked, ate cinnamon buns and then called it a night.

One of the palettes I put into my direct line of sight is the NYX Love in Paris Parisian Chic little 9 panner. This little guy got lots of love when I first purchased it! I couldn’t get enough. There’s a peachy/ red one too that I can’t recall the name of, it’s in my rotation again as well. 

Today, I used shade number 3 in my crease, number 6 on my brow bone and number 7 on my outer lid. I used number 4 on the very outside, on the outer v area of my lid and called it a morning. It was a school parking lot morning for finishing up my makeup. Little gets a kick out of it, and is quick to call my voyeurs nosy. Anyway, I really need to make a habit of graveyard shopping. It inspires me.

In my most recent Stuff I’m Loving, I mentioned I had been loving the Wet n Wild One Step Wonder Gel ,the no light stuff, in about every shade. Well, as most good things come to an end, I indeed found a shade that I don’t love so much. At all. Pale in Comparison is 4 coats. yes, 4 coats to complete opacity. I’m just going to leave that right there.


All of my east coast homies, sending you much love and light for the scary as hell weekend of weather headed our way.


Hug Somebody.

Sunshine. 🌞


Mini Wet N Wild Fall Haul 🍂🍁🌾🌻

Drug store make up gets me every time. I’m walking around, casually holding my family size Charmin and Coke in the aluminum bottle, trying not to forget to get toothpaste and shampoo while listening to Little tell me how he knows the “rules” and BAM!

Drugstore makeup happens.

My focused mind goes away and the beauty fanatic make up collector takes over. Suddenly I have new eyeshadow, lipstick and nail polish and I’m headed out the door with a big ol smile, my TP, Coke and Little- Only to get home and realize I forgot toothpaste and shampoo and in my flurry of cosmetic madness, I became the blindsided purchaser of a 25 dollar pack of Yu Gi Oh cards. 25 dollars.


It happens.

Anyway, today’s mini haul is all about Fall. And Wet N Wild. I purchased two of the Limited Edition Fall trios, Plaid to the Bone and Velour Vixen. 

I seriously underestimated the pigmentation of these palettes. In my eye look today, I used the crease shade from the Plaid trio in my crease, and I swear it looked like my gall bladder had busted.

 (Remember that song? Was it a Ray Stevens one?) Anyway, both trios pack some serious punch in the pigmentation department. They are blendable.

Like, blendable as in if youre not careful you’ll have that crease shade at your eyebrow- blendable.

This is the Wet N Wild shadow formulation I know and love.

Anyway, I also purchased Don’t Be A Plum Plum liquid lipstick. I wasn’t really impressed with it, not because it was bad or anything, it’s just not me. I have wrinkly lips, and this matte formula makes them look wrinklier and dryer, if that is even possible. I wish it looked good on me, I would rock the hell out of it.

I have been loving the 1 Step Wonder Gel.  It’s easy to apply and the brush is bomb. I don’t have to fuss with 3-4 coats, and it will last a whole week. I purchased Peri Winkle of an Eye, which is exactly what the name implies. Periwinkle.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Anyway, that’s it for my mini haul. Have you guys tried any of these products? What did you think?

Happy Sunday.






E.l.f Artistry Palette 💕

I purchased 2 of these palettes last year, around Christmas. I gave one to my Mom, who is a huge elf fan, and I kept the other for myself.  Well, for some reason or another, mine ended up in the graveyard – without ever being used. That’s right. I never even used this little guy with it’s big beautiful mirror. How in the cornbread hell, does that happen?

I mean, really. That mirror though.

Normally, I have something in mind when I start my makeup. My face makeup is the same, the only variables are highlight and blush. I mean, if it’s not broke, we ain’t gonna fix it…because breakouts, am I right? Anyway, I didn’t really have anything in mind when I finished my stable or static makeup, so I grabbed the Artistry Palette and went on about my business.

Now, sometimes, this makeup business happens on my break at work, sometimes it happens in the parking lot of Little’s school. Sometimes, lunch breaks. Sometimes, it doesn’t happen. This morning, we were in the parking lot of the school, and he was finishing up his breakfast. My squeals of delight about the mirror and how good it was made him giggle. I believe I heard a mutterance of something like…”Gah, Mommy. It’s just a mirror.” But, we all know, it’s not just a mirror. It’s the looking glass into our very souls, where we see every eyebrow hair that is out of shape,  every pore and every freckle- because listen, even Jeffery Star has pores y’all! Anyway, a good mirror in a palette is a bonus. It’s like getting an extra Whopper in the drive thru at BK, when you didn’t order it. Or an extra chicken nugget in your 10 piece. It’s definitely good for school parking lot or 9 o clock am break application.

You get it, right? The mirror is good. “But Sunshine”, you ask…” How is the makeup?”

It’s good. It’s a little powdery, if that matters to you. I usually powder the hell out of my under eyes anyway, so fallout swipes right away with out making a major mess of my static makeup. The pigment is definitely there on more than most of the shadows, some are questionable…or buildable…they are blendable and buildable.

Momma likey. ❤️

Lets talk about…..

Swatches y’all.

In pure Sunshine fashion, we’ll start from the bottom up.

The bottom row, let’s call it row number 4, is gorgeous. However, I  found the grey ish shade to be a little patchy and not really as pigmented as the others. I did get a decent looking swatch, but I had to work at it. I think it would still rock a decent cooler smokey eye, but be warned that it might take some effort. Black is black in this palette, it has a subtle blue sparkle, that transfers from the pan to the eye. The burgundy brownie guy next door has some sparkle as well, except this one looks pink? Maybe even purple? It’s so fine, I can barely discern.

The next row, row number 3, is equally gorgeous. I can see serious mermaid in this row. There is a slight sheen to all of the shadows here, with the exception of the light camelish one. I used it in my crease today. This is probably my favorite row in the palette. 

Row number 2 is probably the most lack luster of them all as far as pigment, in particular the silver and lavender. I didn’t foil either of them, so that may be beneficial to get some pigment on the lid. 

And last but not least, Row number 1. The peachy shade in the middle took some effort to get a good swatch, and I don’t think I ever really obtained a good one for the matte cream shade. It doesn’t wow. It looks okay on my brow bone, but I’m wearing a primer. I’m pretty sure I will experiment with the pearly highlight shade on the end as a highlighter for my cheeks but the others are just sort of meh as far as bright or richly pigmented. I’m not throwing shade at all, it’s totally okay with me that the pigmentation isn’t so holyshitinyourface.

B U I L D A B L E is good!

I used four of the shades for my look today, and I think it looks pretty good! Definitely fall appropriate. I blended the matte cream colored shade  on my brow bone, the medium camel shade thru my crease and patted that beautiful red on the inner part of my lid and followed with the darker brown, almost sort of flip flop/ transformer sort of shade on the outer v. It almost looks reddish, green? It’s lovely! With a primer, the shadows really performed well- they blended nicely and haven’t creased thru out my 9 or so hour work day.


I thought initially that this was a limited edition palette, because I couldn’t find it on elf website-I did find it on Ulta’s website for 20 smackers.

Have you guys tried this palette? What did you think?







The best of the best, the lip stuff of my makeup bag.


NGC 6503, A lonely galaxy on the edge of an abyss. Thank you NASA, I totally dig this.

My makeup bag is an abyss. Think black hole. A chasm, a crevasse or a void, absolutely full of makeup that I think I might need at some point during the day.

These lip sticks, glosses, and liquid lip stuffs are my easy ones, my go tos, or my best of the best.

Should I feel any shame at all that most of lip stuff in my makeup bag is pinky- peachy nude?

Well, with one exception.

Anyway, on to the Lip Stuff. ( We’ll save the highlighters and mascara for another day.)

White Russian is in my makeup bag. It makes e v e r y t h i n g better. Let’s say, you’re having a shit day. Your hair is a mess. Your desk is a mess, your flip flops don’t match and you lost your hoop earring sometime during mid morning, making you look like a pirate without a parrot all afternoon. You stubbed your toe, and broke a nail and you found a fly on your chicken strips, which you used your last 4 dollars to buy- minus the honey mustard sauce. Buxom’s White Russian Full On Lip Cream will make you feel like the most put together, calm and not at all disheveled non fly eating person around. Seriously, it’s that good. Tingly. But good. It looks good by itself or as a topper and makes your lips look full and plump- OH, and it smells like cake.

Who doesn’t want that? Gonna need a backup, or two.

Freedom Pro Lipstick Pro Bare in the shade Sooner or Later. 

I don’t know why I don’t have more of these lipsticks, they are pretty stinking awesome. Formula is sorta sheer, but not really sheer. It’s creamy and feels nice on my lips. I also have the Freedom Pro Melts Lip Gloss that is pretty bad assed too.

 D-ream is the shade name. It’s more of a velvety gloss. Not a super shiny, sticky or even sheer formula- like if a liquid lipstick and a lip gloss had a baby. It’s pretty cool.

Maybelline Color Jolt in Stripped Down. I wish they would make more of these! 

The formula is totally bad assery on this little guy. Can you say p i g m e n t e d?

Rimmel London, the Kate ones has some of the best lipsticks in the drugstore. They rock everything from Reds to Nudes. I just purchased these little guys. Of course the nudey ones are in my makeup bag. I have Boho Nude and My Nude. 

Boho Nude Top

My Nude Bottom 

Same creamy formula, but for some reason I don’t remember the other Kate lipsticks having such a strong fragrance? It’s not bad, but if you’re put off by sweet smelling lip stuff, you might want to pass on these.

Last but not least, the only dark lipstick in my makeup bag right now.

Insert Star Wars theme song here.

Tuscan Toast by Milani. It is pure creamy berry ish, fall ish, beauty. I wear this one a good bit. It’s easy.

And that’s it, like that wasn’t enough, right?! 

What sort of lip stuff is in your makeup bag? What are your tried and trues?


Sunshine 🌞 






Weekend Shenanigans, Tacos and Old Makeup Love 💕🏈🌮

I had a wonderful weekend. Sometimes a girl just has to sort of re charge or something. Little, who is not so little anymore, was away. So I spent my weekend doing girl stuff.

Just kidding, I spent my weekend watching football and eating tacos.


My company was awesome, the tacos were fantabulous and the football was meh.

I have a secret for terrific tacos, but first…the makeup.

I did drag out some older makeup late yesterday and the result was pretty stinking awesome. I never can get the hang of cream anything for my face. It’s either too much or not enough and the dividing line is easily crossed either way. Colour Pop has just bombarded the beauty community with tons of different releases, from highlighters to eye liners and everything in between. I am still too timid to try all of that jazz, and usually stick to their eye shadows and the very first lippie sticks. Seriously, I didn’t like either when they first came out. I think it was all the hype. And as you all know, there was a shit ton of hype.

Anyway, the shadows I used over the weekend were from the Jenn Ne Sais Quoi collection, which was a collab with Jenn Im. I really dig the shade selection, that brick shade, Trois… it’s awesome and was the inspiration for Sunday’s look.


I ran a little, okay.. a lottle of Trois through my crease and really blended the hell out of it. 

Then I added a bit of Quatre to the outer part of my lid and highlighted with a cream colored shade from the Morphe 35 O Matte thingie. I repeated the steps on the lower lash line. 

My vest and dress are both American Eagle. Love them.

Okay, now for the second most important thing of this post.

The Tacos.

I don’t have a picture to show you, but this stuff rocks my taco world.

Tadaaaaa.. Frontera Sauces. 

604183121714-1 key-lime

I made them both, the New Mexico with ground beef and the Key Lime with chicken. ( I know, I know, but Sunshine, you used these all wrong….. I’m a total rebel. It happens. )

H o l y S h i e t e. 

They were both really good, and really easy.

Stacy’s Kitchen approved.

*The lime one is really kick ass, it reminds of something. But I can’t put my finger on what it is.

Let me know what you think if you try either of these sauces, and the makeup…It’s still available on Colour Pop’s website.

Tears & old Springs Park. Was a beautiful day for a ride. 









Stuff I’m loving. Smelly edition. 👃🏻❤️

I heart smelly stuff. Wait, let me rephrase that. I heart good smelly stuff. 💕👃🏻

When I was a kid, we lived in the country. Seriously, Calhoun County Country. The roads are long, usually clay and along the banks, because scrapers down that way actually bank scrape dirt/ clay roads…

Anyway, growing along the banks, there were always pines and some sort of wild flowers. More likely that not, they were tangley bushes of roses. The flowers were small, and the bushes unkempt, but damn did they ever smell good.

I was quite the flower child in my youth, big surprise there… and my parents always catered to my ” Stop and lemme pick it, shenanigans. ”

Another big surprise y’all, that shit totally sticks with you. I will pull over in a minute to pick roadside flowers.

Little loves picking shenanigans too.

It totally happens.

Other favorites are bacon, my momma’s house when she’s cooking chicken. Coffee, Cool Water for Men, fresh mowed grass. Cedar. Johnson and Johnson’s lavender baby wash. Oh, and the Aveeno baby wash too! Old books, new books and libraries. Pizza. Anything woody or rose.

Scents lift me up, ground me, make me happy, make me calm, or not so much. They can wake me up or wipe me out.

You get the picture. Now to the Smelly Stuff I’m Loving part.

One of Little’s classmate’s Momma loves essential oils, and she made me a roller ball with all sorts of woody smelling stuff in it and I have been absolutely loving it. I wear it e v e r y day. In fact, I put it in my hands and run it thru my hair. I put it on my ankles and behind my knees.

I even wear it on my wrists like a perfume. It’s the real deal. I can’t wait to try others, which leads me directly to the next Smelly Stuff I’ve Been Loving.

I purchased a diffuser for my bathroom.


I have to take a bath every night. Hot water is a mega stress reliever for me.  I thought.Well, what the hell. What can it hurt?

Soooooo, I’ve been putting some blends into my diffuser when I soak. Think spa. Steamy, quiet and earthy. Right up my alley as far as relaxing. Well, except for when Little bangs on the door yelling he has to poop.  That’s another post.

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying the Plant Guru Love Potion along with a little Cedarwood, in my diffuser at bath time.

FYI, I don’t think the Love Potion is actually a love potion, but I do like the way it smells.

I put it in my diffuser necklace, which is totally bad ass and is another SSIBL. I looked for days trying to find a necklace like this one. I wanted stainless and not a tree. Sounds pretty simple, right. Negative.


Not so much. Anyway, I found mine on Ebay (Sun Store is where I purchased mine from.)  and I wear it a lot. Okay, more than a lot. I wear it non stop.

I wish there were more manly diffusers out, I would love to get Casa one. I digress.

I put a few drops of Love Potion on the little felt pad thingie and wear it a few days. Another one I like is the Happy Synergy blend by Plant Guru. It is a happy scent. Citrusy, lemony. Sunshiney. Definitely loving that.

Y’all know I am a HUGE traditional perfume girl, and I have a few new favorites in that department as well. I’m totally loving anything by Issey Miyake. Today I’m wearing L’Eau d’Issey Florale.

It’s so clean and crisp and flowery floral.

Another traditional perfume on the opposite end of my olfactory spectrum is Black Opium by YSL.


This one is dark and seductive, more love potionish than Love Potion.

Think of it like this.

Issey Miyake d’Issey Florale is a no makeup makeup look where everything is perfect, girlish and rosy.

YSL Black Opium is slept in eyeliner and bedspread hair.

You catch my drift?

Anyway, this is the smelly stuff I’ve been loving lately. Do you guys have favorite scents? Have you tried essential oils? What are your favorite blends?

Happy Day! ( I love you Momma. It’s definitely contagious.)