Happy Hump Day!

Wait- it is Wednesday, right? I don’t know why this week feels like the longest week in the history of weeks. I think Little and I are over our 4th grade cootie crud, it’s been a doozy. I feel sore from coughing and Little refuses to blow his nose. Refuses. He says he’d rather sniff, which you can imagine, drives his noise intolerant Momma absolutely bat shit crazy. Anyway, there is improvement and for that I’m grateful.

In a few posts back, I was contemplating a public Sunshine’s Beauty Facebook page, and you guys thought it would be a good idea to try, so I finally broke down and did it. I deleted the Sunshine Catoe account and decided on Sunshine’s Beauty. We’ll see how it goes, I’m still in the do I really want to do this mode of setup, but I’m sure I’ll be up and running in no time. Check me out, say hi. I love that kind of stuff.

My face is having a pore party. And I’m about to join in the fun. I think I have been comparing my almost 40 year old skin to the filtered perfection of social media long enough. Did you know that some of the prettiest glamest women on YouTube totally have textured skin? I mean really. I’m so joining the pore party. No more feeling bad about the texture on my face. You shouldn’t feel bad if you have texture on yours either.

I’m kinda pissed that I spent the better part of this week setting up a Weebly Sunshine website, only to find out that I really don’t enjoy it very much. Yea, after I paid for a subscription to the pro thing.  I emailed their customer service to see if I could be refunded because I wasn’t getting any support and that I basically hated it, and I haven’t heard anything back yet. So. That’s a bummer. I love Word Press, and I love my WP family, but I would also love to monetize my blog. I stopped doing the I’ll send you a product and you tell the good people of the world all about it, because those same people get pissed when you don’t tell things the way they want you to tell them. And I’m not all about that life, nor am I all about that drama. I am the author of this blog, and I don’t like being told what to say to appease a company about their shit product.

So there’s that.

I chased my chicken salad for breakfast with sea salt covered chocolate caramel goos.

There’s that too.


In other news…

I am really loving Buxom’s Big and Sexy Lipstick in Sinful Cinnamon. I don’t know where it came from , I mean, it came from my nudey lipstick drawer. I don’t know how I ended up with it, maybe it was a Sephora perk? It’s pretty amazing. The shade is bomb, and the creamy formula feels really nice on my forever dry lips.

Maybe I’ll join the wrinkly lips party next. Who knows.

I just tried out Hard Candy’s 12 Hour Hydrating Primer Mist. It’s pretty awesome as a setting spray. Today is the first time I’ve tried it, I’ll definitely keep you posted.

My soup totally blew up in the microwave this afternoon. Totally. What was left was really good. You guys, my Momma came up with this broccoli and rice soup recipe that will question your opinion of broccoli and cream of potato soup. It’s just rice, cooked broccoli, cream of potato soup and Velveeta. Oh. So. Good.

What’s been going on with you guys? Do you have monetizing suggestions? What’s your favorite Fall lipstick? What kinda party are you joining?












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