Wheeew doggie. Long time no see! Where have you guys been? It’s been almost a month since I posted last. No excuses, I just haven’t been into it.  But.

I’m baaack, and I have lots to share with you guys soooooo grab a snack. Or a beer. Or whatever floats your boat, and let’s do this!

My very first Word Press post was on an It Cosmetics product. Now almost 300 posts later, I’m loving another one.

This my friends is an awesome little palette that I have used every day since I purchased it. And that’s why it’s so dirty.

The mirror is awesome and perfect for putting my makeup on in the school parking lot, which happens a lot. Usually, a mascara wand becomes a microphone and Little giggles until he can’t stand it any more and joins me in shenanigans.

It happens.

Anyway, the palette looks like this.

Bye Bye Pores Blush in je Ne Sais Quoi

Bye Bye Pores Translucent Powder ( I really enjoy this powder, BUT- you gotta be careful, too much can creep up on you in just a second. )

Sunshine in a Compact, Warmth

and Perfect Lighting Luminizer in je Ne Sais Quoi

It’s pretty stinking awesome.

I’ve also been loving Commodity Perfume in Moss. I’m definitely going to ask Santa for this one in biggie size.  It’s definitely a me scent.  Earthy and even masculine.


This past summer I fell in love with pencil skirts. I think they flatter my almost 6 feet tall frame, especially when you add in some tall booties and lacy hosiery- Hmm. Talk about flattery.  These are two of my favorites.


OmGeeee. If this one from Ann Taylor came in black, I’d buy two. I love to pair it with an unstructured and flowy top- like a silk pop over blouse.  And speaking of pencil skirt bad assery… How about this no leather leather skirt form NY&Co. Holy Shiitakemushrooms. Bad assery at its best.



I like this one with everything.  A printed teeshirt, white lace, black lace, an oversized sweater.  It all works. It’s a little high waisted, which makes it super cute with a half tucked shirt of blouse. I have some leggings made form the same brand and the same material that are rocking my baby socks off too.

I’ve been loving this stainless ring from Overstock. 

It was a gift from my sweet Momma. Isn’t it beautiful? Actually, they are both gifts from my sweet Momma. The Native American one was from Ruby Lane, years ago.

Fall. You guys. I’m so in love with fall. Crunchy leaves and kimonos. Coffee. Soups. It’s a beautiful time of year and I’m new to loving it. 

Oh and last but not least, Lorac Highly Pigmented Lipstick in Duchess. Bad assery, am I right?

Anyway, what have you guys been loving lately?


Sunshine ❤️











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