Good morning!

Happy Wednesday, or as I like to call it…Thursday Eve! Hey, it just makes the weekend sound a little closer. What ever works, right? It’s been a long week. 

I swear, Monday was awesome. My hair played nice, I wore my new overly priced Ann Taylor nude pencil skirt that fits just right, along with a pair of bad assed black strappy sandals that didn’t hurt my feet at all. My makeup looked good all day, which I am attributing to spraying a little NYX matte setting spray on my face before I applied my foundation. If you are an oily girl, you should totally try this wizardry. My Monday flew by. It was bliss.

Tuesday, was a different story. It was the Mondayest Tuesday, ever. I wave crimped 3 day dirty hair, super early in the morning. Satanically early. Ugh. My black pencil skirt that looked black at home, was in fact navy blue. And I was wearing black everything else. My uber modern jewelry didn’t match my uber gramma ish print blouse, which by the way, I love.

I felt like I was moving slo mo on the hot mess express. If that paints a clearer picture.

Anyway, after we ate, and Little and I trudged thru his mountain of little boy homework, I set off to do some cleaning. Because nervous energy, you know? I went thru the makeup graveyard, moved some stuff into my shelf of rotation, pulled some other stuff out of my rotation, put all of my essential oils in one place, put all of my perfume into another place, rescued my plant, moved my bamboo, and some other stuff and finally called it a night. 

Well. Little and I bubble masked, ate cinnamon buns and then called it a night.

One of the palettes I put into my direct line of sight is the NYX Love in Paris Parisian Chic little 9 panner. This little guy got lots of love when I first purchased it! I couldn’t get enough. There’s a peachy/ red one too that I can’t recall the name of, it’s in my rotation again as well. 

Today, I used shade number 3 in my crease, number 6 on my brow bone and number 7 on my outer lid. I used number 4 on the very outside, on the outer v area of my lid and called it a morning. It was a school parking lot morning for finishing up my makeup. Little gets a kick out of it, and is quick to call my voyeurs nosy. Anyway, I really need to make a habit of graveyard shopping. It inspires me.

In my most recent Stuff I’m Loving, I mentioned I had been loving the Wet n Wild One Step Wonder Gel ,the no light stuff, in about every shade. Well, as most good things come to an end, I indeed found a shade that I don’t love so much. At all. Pale in Comparison is 4 coats. yes, 4 coats to complete opacity. I’m just going to leave that right there.


All of my east coast homies, sending you much love and light for the scary as hell weekend of weather headed our way.


Hug Somebody.

Sunshine. 🌞


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