Drug store make up gets me every time. I’m walking around, casually holding my family size Charmin and Coke in the aluminum bottle, trying not to forget to get toothpaste and shampoo while listening to Little tell me how he knows the “rules” and BAM!

Drugstore makeup happens.

My focused mind goes away and the beauty fanatic make up collector takes over. Suddenly I have new eyeshadow, lipstick and nail polish and I’m headed out the door with a big ol smile, my TP, Coke and Little- Only to get home and realize I forgot toothpaste and shampoo and in my flurry of cosmetic madness, I became the blindsided purchaser of a 25 dollar pack of Yu Gi Oh cards. 25 dollars.


It happens.

Anyway, today’s mini haul is all about Fall. And Wet N Wild. I purchased two of the Limited Edition Fall trios, Plaid to the Bone and Velour Vixen. 

I seriously underestimated the pigmentation of these palettes. In my eye look today, I used the crease shade from the Plaid trio in my crease, and I swear it looked like my gall bladder had busted.

 (Remember that song? Was it a Ray Stevens one?) Anyway, both trios pack some serious punch in the pigmentation department. They are blendable.

Like, blendable as in if youre not careful you’ll have that crease shade at your eyebrow- blendable.

This is the Wet N Wild shadow formulation I know and love.

Anyway, I also purchased Don’t Be A Plum Plum liquid lipstick. I wasn’t really impressed with it, not because it was bad or anything, it’s just not me. I have wrinkly lips, and this matte formula makes them look wrinklier and dryer, if that is even possible. I wish it looked good on me, I would rock the hell out of it.

I have been loving the 1 Step Wonder Gel.  It’s easy to apply and the brush is bomb. I don’t have to fuss with 3-4 coats, and it will last a whole week. I purchased Peri Winkle of an Eye, which is exactly what the name implies. Periwinkle.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Anyway, that’s it for my mini haul. Have you guys tried any of these products? What did you think?

Happy Sunday.






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