I purchased 2 of these palettes last year, around Christmas. I gave one to my Mom, who is a huge elf fan, and I kept the other for myself.  Well, for some reason or another, mine ended up in the graveyard – without ever being used. That’s right. I never even used this little guy with it’s big beautiful mirror. How in the cornbread hell, does that happen?

I mean, really. That mirror though.

Normally, I have something in mind when I start my makeup. My face makeup is the same, the only variables are highlight and blush. I mean, if it’s not broke, we ain’t gonna fix it…because breakouts, am I right? Anyway, I didn’t really have anything in mind when I finished my stable or static makeup, so I grabbed the Artistry Palette and went on about my business.

Now, sometimes, this makeup business happens on my break at work, sometimes it happens in the parking lot of Little’s school. Sometimes, lunch breaks. Sometimes, it doesn’t happen. This morning, we were in the parking lot of the school, and he was finishing up his breakfast. My squeals of delight about the mirror and how good it was made him giggle. I believe I heard a mutterance of something like…”Gah, Mommy. It’s just a mirror.” But, we all know, it’s not just a mirror. It’s the looking glass into our very souls, where we see every eyebrow hair that is out of shape,  every pore and every freckle- because listen, even Jeffery Star has pores y’all! Anyway, a good mirror in a palette is a bonus. It’s like getting an extra Whopper in the drive thru at BK, when you didn’t order it. Or an extra chicken nugget in your 10 piece. It’s definitely good for school parking lot or 9 o clock am break application.

You get it, right? The mirror is good. “But Sunshine”, you ask…” How is the makeup?”

It’s good. It’s a little powdery, if that matters to you. I usually powder the hell out of my under eyes anyway, so fallout swipes right away with out making a major mess of my static makeup. The pigment is definitely there on more than most of the shadows, some are questionable…or buildable…they are blendable and buildable.

Momma likey. ❀️

Lets talk about…..

Swatches y’all.

In pure Sunshine fashion, we’ll start from the bottom up.

The bottom row, let’s call it row number 4, is gorgeous. However, I  found the grey ish shade to be a little patchy and not really as pigmented as the others. I did get a decent looking swatch, but I had to work at it. I think it would still rock a decent cooler smokey eye, but be warned that it might take some effort. Black is black in this palette, it has a subtle blue sparkle, that transfers from the pan to the eye. The burgundy brownie guy next door has some sparkle as well, except this one looks pink? Maybe even purple? It’s so fine, I can barely discern.

The next row, row number 3, is equally gorgeous. I can see serious mermaid in this row. There is a slight sheen to all of the shadows here, with the exception of the light camelish one. I used it in my crease today. This is probably my favorite row in the palette. 

Row number 2 is probably the most lack luster of them all as far as pigment, in particular the silver and lavender. I didn’t foil either of them, so that may be beneficial to get some pigment on the lid. 

And last but not least, Row number 1. The peachy shade in the middle took some effort to get a good swatch, and I don’t think I ever really obtained a good one for the matte cream shade. It doesn’t wow. It looks okay on my brow bone, but I’m wearing a primer. I’m pretty sure I will experiment with the pearly highlight shade on the end as a highlighter for my cheeks but the others are just sort of meh as far as bright or richly pigmented. I’m not throwing shade at all, it’s totally okay with me that the pigmentation isn’t so holyshitinyourface.

B U I L D A B L E is good!

I used four of the shades for my look today, and I think it looks pretty good! Definitely fall appropriate. I blended the matte cream colored shade  on my brow bone, the medium camel shade thru my crease and patted that beautiful red on the inner part of my lid and followed with the darker brown, almost sort of flip flop/ transformer sort of shade on the outer v. It almost looks reddish, green? It’s lovely! With a primer, the shadows really performed well- they blended nicely and haven’t creased thru out my 9 or so hour work day.


I thought initially that this was a limited edition palette, because I couldn’t find it on elf website-I did find it on Ulta’s website for 20 smackers.

Have you guys tried this palette? What did you think?







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